Features TechStat

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Core Capabilities

At its heart, TechStat is a multi-channel notification system focused on technology services. Users can choose how to be notified when an event occurs for a given service. Notification methods include email, SMS text messaging, Slack, and Webhooks. Events include unexpected outages, scheduled maintenance, security related announcements, or any other critial communication to users.

User Experience

TechStat has a clean, intuitive interface for users of all technical skill levels. There are three basic concepts to understand - services, events and notifications - users receive notifications when events occur for a given service.
  • Personalized notification methods for all users
  • Easily subscribe to individual services or all services
  • Ability to pause and resume notifications when unavailable

Technical Event Management

Users who manage technical events can customize their messages to target select audiences and notification methods. Reminders are sent to event owners encouraging timely communication that keeps users informed.
  • Ability to copy previous events as templates for new events
  • Automated notifications for scheduled events
  • Status update reminders for event owners


TechStat administration provides management of users, groups, services, statuses, and system settings. Settings include a custom logo, SSO configuration, user sign up options, event reminder SLA, and other customization options. For full details, refer to the online help available in the demonstration instance created after Sign Up .